LM Marsh, I am a Sunshine Coast and Brisbane based artist . 

I have worked as an exhibition designer for most of my career, painting and sketching off and on.  But the lure of the paint brush has proved too strong to ignore, and I am now fortunate to be able to focus on developing my art.


I am fascinated by nature; living in a rural location I am constantly inspired by my surroundings - from the tiniest detail in the smallest bug to sweeping vistas of forests and valleys.  But I find myself drawn back to my own, and other's, domestic animals.  Capturing their unique characters and expressions can be daunting and exhilarating at the same time but also extremely rewarding.


I specialise in animal portraits and pet portraits and have completed courses in natural history illustration to bring a realism and integrity to my subjects.  I work in graphite, watercolour and acrylic on both commissions and my own pieces.

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